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At the heart of our mission, we work to break the isolation of all women. Do you ever feel alone, isolated, bored, depressed, and lonely? The Centre is the place for you, where you can make connections with other women, do volunteer work, take a class, join a workshop, or go on an outing. There is a myriad of activities that you can choose from and enjoy the ‘gift of friendships’ at our Centre.

Join us and be part of a growing community!
Pauvrete Poverty Picture
Gender inequality is a key driver of poverty. And a fundamental denial of women’s rightsBy OXFAM International
What we did in 2021
On October 17, 2021, an especially important event took place at the Centre. Staff, and several members lifted their voices loud and clear denouncing to end poverty. To bring awareness and sensitize the population a gathering was held at Square Cabot for International Day for the Eradication of Poverty to defend AGAINST all forms of violence and poverty, for climate and social justice and for the rights of ALL women.
In 2022
As part of the 12 days of action against violence against women, the Centre organized a collection of purses filled with new toiletries to support women leaving the shelter (Transit 24) and who were victims of conjugal violence. The objective was to support these courageous women in their new stage of their lives. The fight against poverty is at the heart of our mission.


It consists of any form of violence, including but not limited to psychological, physical, sexual, economic abuse, perpetrated by a person toward another, in the context of a conjugal or intimate relationship.

Intimate Partner Violence can be experienced in any type of relationship, whether it is exclusive or non-exclusive, romantic, or non-romantic, with or without commitment, and regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of the person involved.

In a situation of violence, as soon as a threat of assault or a death threat is expressed, a simple assault, an assault causing bodily harm, an assault with weapon, criminal harassment, a sexual assault, is committed,

If you are in danger, feel threatened or are afraid, do no wait!
Dial 911 immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your situation or concerns, we can help.
Violence conjugale et domestic violence

Workshop 1

Distinguishing the difference between Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem

The SELF can be considered the perfect instance that inhabits each human being and pushes him towards his fulfillment. 
A HEALTHY self is constantly expanding. The proper consideration of the SELF gives a feeling of dignity. 
The esteem of the SELF is linked to our actions. If we have confidence in ourselves, we know how to do a certain thing without excessive fear of failing and without worrying about other people’s opinions. 
Self-esteem is also the sum of small successes. It can develop only if we overcome these two obstacles: resignation and criticism. 
While SELF-esteem is a more ambiguous term, it can evoke narcissism, egocentricity or self-promotion, or the way to become a personality. 
I prefer to speak about SELF-esteem to clearly distinguish this training from the ego’s processes. 

Workshop 2 – 3

Identification, Acceptance and Reprogramming of our thoughts

March 10th and 17th.
It is first and foremost to review our entire thought process. How does it work? 
Is it true that our thoughts are like magnets? 
Reprogramming is about becoming aware of and redirecting the trajectory of our thoughts by positively affirming who we are and what life is all about in our own perception, not that of others! 
Our thoughts are the beacons of what we think of ourselves; if we see ourselves as incorrect beings, our whole self-esteem is affected. 
Through positive programming, we decide to wear our own glasses and see our life at its best. 

Workshop 4-5

The Inner Child

March 24th and 31st.
An increasing number of people have forgotten their inner child. 
From the moment we are born, the adults in our lives force us to become normal like them. Over time, we adopt a personality to meet the expectations of adults.
As adults, we forget or nearly forget our original individuality – OUR I AM. By observing the behaviour of adults towards children who insist on being themselves, 
It is easy to see how the inner child of these adults has also been profoundly repressed. 
This repression of the inner child crushes spontaneity, the joy of living, creativity, authenticity, the ability to express oneself, trust in the universe, be natural, and self-respect, which inevitably affects self-esteem. We will learn to revisit this child, 
And to become a welcoming adult towards that child. 

Workshop 6

Life review

April 7th.
Just like in a business with a shopping area, every year, the owner looks at and analyzes what he has sold and what is left on his shelves, 
Then he cleans up, keeps what sells best, and gets rid of what he didn’t sell.  We, as human beings, need to go and revisit our life history. 
We need to revisit our entire life history at least once in our lives, recognize what is ours and let go of what is not. To draw up an inventory, 
A life assessment is new freedom and great joy of living because we will finally know the actual human being and not remain the person everyone wanted us to be!

Workshop 7-8


April 14th and 21st.
Forgiveness is a word full of godliness, but it is also very vague and often associated with bad experiences and religion, so it is important to clarify it.
We have all experienced events that hurt us, no matter how old a person is or how serious the facts are. 
Whether during childhood, adolescence, or adulthood, our heart has some of these injuries that are still alive even in later life. It is enough for us to think of a particular person or remember the acts, the facts, and feel overwhelmed by sadness or anger…
The process of forgiveness will help us clean, wash these wounds, and heal them. The method of forgiveness will allow us to clean, wash these wounds and especially heal them. The scar will always be “visible” in our hearts, but it will become painless; it will not impact us anymore. We can even have a gentle look at it.
The act of forgiving is, therefore, a liberating movement for us!
Sometimes we think we are indifferent. We feel like we haven’t been impacted by something, but it’s a delusion. We disconnected ourselves; unconsciously, we chose to cut the mental/heart connection to minimize the pain. So yes, we cut ties with toxic people, but in doing so, I also cut myself off from what I could experience with the people I love because a healed heart can love fully. Therefore, forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves and others.
Finally, forgiveness is the act of caring, whose goal is to act with an open heart.  And choosing to forgive is choosing to heal one’s heart.
Forgiveness is a divine act, not a human act. Accepting what we are, requires a lot of Love, and this love is found in our sacred part nourished by an active spiritual life!