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It consists of any form of violence, including but not limited to psychological, physical, sexual, economic abuse, perpetrated by a person toward another, in the context of a conjugal or intimate relationship.
Intimate Partner Violence can be experienced in any type of relationship, whether it is exclusive or non-exclusive, romantic, or non-romantic, with or without commitment, and regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of the person involved.

In a situation of violence, as soon as a threat of assault or a death threat is expressed, a simple assault, an assault causing bodily harm, an assault with weapon, criminal harassment, a sexual assault, is committed,

If you are in danger, feel threatened or are afraid, do no wait!
Dial 911 immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your situation or concerns, we can help.

Call us

514.388.0980 ext 202

Email: intervention@cfse.ca


Important documents to prepare if you have to leave your home.

If you know a person in a conjugal violence situation, you can suggest that they keep copies of the following documents at your home or in a safe place.

  • Birth certificate (those of your children also)
  • Medicare card (those of your children also)
  • Social Insurance card (those of your children also)
  • Passport (those of your children also)
  • Children’s health records
  • Driver’s license
  • Bank records and credit cards
  • Proof of revenue and income tax reports
  • List of important telephone numbers
  • List of resources such as shelters, Women’s center, SOS conjugal violence, etc.
  • Lease, marriage certificate, investments, mortgage, insurance policy, court judgement, etc.

List of supplies

  • Small bag of clothes and underwear for you and your children
  • Medications and prescriptions for you and your children
  • An extra set of house keys and car keys

Picking up your personal effects from your home:

Regardless of how you left your home or even if you believe that your partner is not at home when you arrive, it is very important that you be accompanied by the police. Don’t forget that your children are also going through an upsetting situation.  It might be important to add a symbolic object such as your child’s little blanket, stuffed animal or favorite book.


Gender inequality is a key driver of poverty. And a fundamental denial of women’s rights

By OXFAM International


What we did in 2021
On October 17, 2021, an especially important event took place at the Centre. Staff, and several members lifted their voices loud and clear denouncing to end poverty. To bring awareness and sensitize the population a gathering was held at Cabot Square  for International Day for the Eradication of Poverty to defend AGAINST all forms of violence and poverty, for climate and social justice and for the rights of ALL women.
What we did in 2022
As part of the 12 days of action against violence against women, the Centre organized a collection of purses filled with new toiletries to support women leaving the shelter (Transit 24) and who were victims of conjugal violence. The objective was to support these courageous women in their new stage of their lives. The fight against poverty is at the heart of our mission.


At the heart of our mission, we work to break the isolation of all women. Do you ever feel alone, isolated, bored, depressed, and lonely? The Centre is the place for you, where you can make connections with other women, do volunteer work, take a class, join a workshop, or go on an outing. There is a myriad of activities that you can choose from and enjoy the ‘gift of friendships’ at our Centre.

Join us and be part of a growing community!