Our Values


We support women in their autonomy process, and we seek collective solutions to their needs. Our intersectional approach considers the diverse experience of each woman, the multiple oppressions and the inequalities that result from them.

Solidarity and commitment :

We support and collaborate with other organizations to improve and transform the living conditions of all women and communities.

Social justice:

We fight to promote fairer social and economic policies that take into account the needs of marginalized communities.

Democracy :

Members are listened to and heard . They elect the members of the Board of Directors who represent them and take decisions on their behalf.

Confidentiality :

The anonymity of each participant is respected. What is said or happens at the Center stays in the Center.

Zero Tolerance Policy

For all forms of violence, psychological and sexual harassment, intimidation, discriminatory, hateful, and abusive language.

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Why a code of conduct is important?

The code of conduct must be respected by the workers, the members and the participants. It guarantees a safe space for all.

Consequence of non-compliance with the code of conduct

Failure to comply with the code of conduct may result a warning and may go as far as the expulsion of the person or persons concerned.