Women and Poverty

Raising awareness in our neighborhood on the issue of poverty

The aim of the Women and Poverty Project (Enjeux de la pauvreté au féminin) was to sensitize both the Centre’s participants, as well as women living in the Ahuntsic district, on the issue of poverty experienced by women in particular.

Food security

This project took place through three separate stages. The first stage occurred during our Open House on September 12, 2019, where we encouraged participants to complete the following statement: “According to me, food security is …”. Thus, we collected the responses of 13 participants which we used to develop the content of the following portions of the project. In addition, we also collected the testimonies of two women on their personal situations in relation to food security

The practical side

For the following stage, we held a workshop in which 10 women participated. As a result of multiple meeting with the Women in Action Committee and Solidarité Ahuntsic, we were able to identify the following theme for this workshop : “Poverty From a Food Security Standpoint”. According to our analysis and the information gathered on the neighborhood, there are families who are unable to feed themselves and their loved one sufficiently. For this reason, several food banks exist in the Ahuntsic district such as the SNAC, for example.

“Tasting & Action”

The third and final stage consisted of our “Tasting & Action” activity, as part of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, with the participation of 30 people. The outline and content of this activity were developed by the members of the Women in Action Committee with the support of a student in Nutrition from the University of Montreal.

Food baskets

The final portion of this project took place in three stages. First, we facilitated an activity called “Food Baskets” where we asked the participants to reflect on the food insecurity that some families living in Ahuntsic may experience. These “food baskets” contained pictures of different food items that varied in terms quantity and quality, illustrating the situation of low-income families.

Fictitious yet realistic situations

The participants were then divided into three teams and were asked to prepare very simple recipes with different foods received from the SNAC. Each team had a recipe to prepare according to their fictitious situation: a fruit salad recipe for an elderly person living alone, “energy balls” for a single mother of three, and raw vegetables with dip for a low-income family (two parents and their children).

Meeting political candidates

Finally, the activity was concluded with a discussion with the candidates of the Maurice-Richard constituency during the 2019 Federal Elections. In this discussion facilitated by Solidarité Ahuntsic, several themes were addressed, namely, poverty among women, access to health services, income and lifting people out of poverty. Photos.

Eradicating poverty among women: a priority at CFSE

One of the Centre’s main priorities is the elimination of poverty among women. The Centre works continuously toward this objective through various actions, popular education activities, awareness raising workshops, and support for different campaigns with this very aim.