“Letter of Gratitude” By Meena Ferdoussi

We would like to thank our volunteer, Meena Ferdoussi, for this letter written in the context of Volunteer Week!


The “Centre des femmes solidaires et engagées” is a unique thoughtful Center where women from all walks of life come together, united in peace to support one another. At the core of its mission statement is women’s empowerment and integration, both individually and collectively. We represent that notion by encouraging our many members to become volunteers. Besides giving their time and effort to the Center, they each come with their own personal stories of struggles and triumphs, making the Center the enriching place it is today.


To each one of our volunteers: because of your constant and unconditional support, we have maintained a dignified space where all women can engage in solidarity.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude by saying thank you for your kindness, strength and wisdom that never cease to amaze us.


Our doors are always open to welcome many more women that are looking to share their beautiful journey with us.




Meena Ferdoussi