International Women’s Day

Thank you Jessica Cialdella, volunteer at the Centre, for writing this blog post!

In many countries, March 8th is a celebration of respect, appreciation and love for women. However, the true meaning behind International Women’s Day stems from the achievements of women in social, economic and political spheres, and continuous effort toward gender parity.

It was first celebrated in the United States, when the American Socialist party organized a National Woman’s Day in 1909 to protest against the unfair working conditions women were subjected to. Since then, many countries gradually followed suit, leading up to the worldwide celebration it has become today. Large institutions such as the United Nations have had yearly themes aiming at engaging countries to adopt certain policies promoting gender equality. This year’s theme is “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, and centered on achieving more equality for women in the workplace. In Quebec, the Collectif 8 mars – a group of multiple organizations and committees – have organized around the theme “L’égalité sans limites” or equality knows no bounds. Its objective: denouncing the limitations imposed upon women’s access to equality, as well as promoting the long term mobilization of women.

On March 9th, the Centre des femmes solidaires et engagées is celebrating this special day by organizing an outing at the Sugar Shack. Come and enjoy good company, delicious food and a short talk on prominent historical female figures who have made a difference in bettering the conditions of women in Canada. Limited spaces. Reserve your spot! For more information, click here.

For more information on IWD, visit the UN Women website.

For more information on the Collectif 8 mars Campaign.