Kings, Queens And Cherries

To launch the 12 Days Of Activism To End Gender-Based Violence, we share with you a blog post written by one of our participants.

“In despair, I looked up at Johnny, my husband’s childhood friend. He gave me a lifeless stare and voiced those dreaded words, “Josie, if I were you, I would walk away and never look back”. I will never forget that rainy night in early August of 2010 when my whole world fell apart. Hours later, our lives would never be the same. Who was my husband of 17 years?

He punched a hole through the closet door and with another swing, cracked the light switch on the bathroom wall. He finally admitted to me and to his parents that I was married to a man with a serious gambling addiction. Today, also labelled as a “disease”.

Six years later and contrary to what Johnny said I should not do, I still look back. Now, I revisit my past with renewed strength and clarity. Although, I have to admit that I sometimes revisit my past with anger, with hurt and in tears…I’m only human after all.

How could I have not suspected? Why did I accept to live the way we did for so long? Over and over I ask myself these questions and so many more! Today, I face the realization that I am a woman who was emotionally and financially abused for 17 years of my life. Yes, 17 years too many, but not entirely lost! During that time we brought into this world a beautiful daughter who today is 20 yesrs old. She is strong and hard-working, a woman in the making and just like her mom I like to think!

Life usually has a way of working itself out. You just need to keep the faith and push things along during those challenging times. I learned that one should never hesitate to ask for help or advice. Make use of non-profit community organizations! There are many….

It is important to openly share our life experiences. Given the opportunity, I speak openly about my troubled past to almost every woman I meet for this is my healing. I have made it my mission. I am approached by friends, co-workers and by people I hardly know. They all heard my story…. told by me or by another. Let’s not break that chain!

Awareness builds strength and gives women the independence we need to pick up the pieces and move forward with our lives.🌹”

Josie M.