We Believe Women!

Trigger warning: We discuss violence, sexual assault, rape and victim-blaming in this post.


Welcome to our first blog post!

We have been following and reading many stories by women around the world who are survivors of violence, sexual assault and rape. Our society, our institutions, our court system blame victims and discredit the stories and lives of these brave women. How many times have we heard these questions: ‘What was she wearing?’, ‘How many sexual partners in the past year?’, ‘Was she intoxicated?’, ‘Why was she alone?’

Your Women’s Centre denounces and works to eliminate all forms of violence against women and rape culture. We denounce all gender stereotypes that put lives at risk. We work to promote consensual, healthy relationships. People need to be respected and have autonomy, choice, and agency to decide what’s best for them.

We stand in solidarity with all women who have been violated, assaulted, raped. We always believe them.

If you (or someone you know) has been assaulted or raped, know that you can talk to us in complete confidentiality. We will listen, validate and respect you and your decisions. We believe in equality, equity and social justice.

For more information on rape culture:

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