Greetings one and all

We want to take this opportunity to wish you health, joy and happiness in 2023.


A new program has been in effect since the end of December and the beginning of January. We want you to know that registrations are open at all times.  Please contact our colleague, Barbara Bologna, to register either by phone (514) 388-0980 or at the center, 1586 rue Fleury Est, Bureau 100, Montréal (QC) H2C 1S6.

The following are activities planned in the next several weeks


Every Tuesday, 10am to 12pm

From January 10 to March 14

With Paola Lafranchie.


Starting March 7, every Tuesdays at 12pm

Bring your lunch and come eat with the team and other members of the center!


Returning March 22

Back in person.


Every Tuesday afternoon at 1pm,
starting February 21

iPad classes will also resume in three languages (French, English, Italian) with Maria and Giovanna Fasciano.


From February 16 to April 6

 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Tania di Genova, intervention worker and Samantha, trainee, will carry out a workshop in English on Self-Esteem and the importance of well-being with oneself. 

Our upcoming conferences:


Conference on Love

In Italian, with Michel Trozzo, psychotherapist  

Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all its forms and expressions.  It is a source of intoxication and satisfaction but also of great disappointment and suffering.  However, despite everything, we must recognize that to love and be loved is a human fundamental need.


Conference on The Protection Mandate (mandate in case of incapacity)

In French, with Me Margherita Morsella, lawyer

The conference will focus on the protection mandate, which is a document in which a person expresses their wishes and names one or more trusted people to look after their person and their property in case of incapacity.



The Center has planned to pay tribute and to honor a few women who have contributed to our Center for several decades. This special activity will take place on March 8 from 11am to 3pm at Petites-Mains, at the following address:



7595 St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2R 1W9

A brunch will be served.  The cost is $25.00.  Places are very limited, therefore, we invite you to register as soon as possible with Barbara Bologna either by telephone at 514-388-0980 or in person at the CFSE reception located at 1586 Fleury east, suite 100, Montreal (QC) H2C 1S6


Come and celebrate this exceptional day with us!


Conference Au volant de ma santé!

In French, with Mr. Bel Fakir, SAAQ counsellor

Driving allows a certain amount of freedom and independence. This conference is designed to educate senior drivers on the importance of maintaining good health and provide them with tools to maintain good driving skills. This will allow you to drive safely for as long as possible.

◘ MARCH 28

Conference on Stress Management

In English, with speaker Ermelinda Lasenza

The objective of this conference is to recognize and respond to stressors and to explore strategies and techniques for managing them, leading to a healthy and more balanced life. It is a normal and logical part of life for all of us.

As you know, the Centre has been an expert in the field of conjugal violence for 45 years and has recently completed a training program entitled: La violence conjugale, ça me concerne!,  led by Malika Hamani. This training allowed us to update our knowledge and to better understand the issues and the needs of victims of intimate partner violence while learning new tools and methods to help them more.

The CFSE team wishes you all an excellent quarter term in our Center.

We look forward to having you join us!

12 Days of action to end violence against women

Hello everyone, From November 25 to December 6, 1981, men and women from all over the world have been uniting their voices to denounce acts of violence committed against women. These dates have been chosen with the aim of symbolically linking violence against women and human rights.

Why do we need to end violence against women and girls?

Today, violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in the world.  It also remains one of the least reported due to impunity, silence, stigma and sense of shame that surrounds it. Violence against women is understood to include but is not limited to forms of physical, sexual and psychological  violence such as:

  • Violence by an intimate partner (beating, psychological abuse, marital rape, feminicide)

  • Sexual violence and harassment (rape, acts of sexual force, unwanted sexual advances, sexual abuse of children, forced marriage, street harassment, criminal harassment and cyberbullying)
  • Human trafficking (slavery, sexual exploitation

  • Female genital mutilation
  • Early marriage (child marriage)

Every year, November 25 is marked by the International Day for the elimination of violence  against women. We are reminded that November 25 was chosen to honor the memory of Maria Teresa, Minerva and Patria Mirabal, three sisters from the Dominican Republic, fervent activists for freedom, were brutally murdered in 1960 on the order of the Head of State, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.   

Quebec has also chosen to particularly highlight the 12 days of action taking place from  November 25 to December 6.

We cannot forget that on December 6, 1989, fourteen young women were brutally murdered at L’école Polytechnique in Montreal, simply because they were women.  Following this mass feminicide, the Canadian Parliament in 1991, designated December 6 as the National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Violence Towards Women. This pan-Canadian day not only allows the population to recollect and remember this milestone date in the history of Canada, but because it also represents the reflection and  evolution of the struggle against women in our society.

Let us also think of the Indigenous, Aboriginal, women and girls, who have disappeared or have been murdered and still waiting for justice.  Finally, let us remember Joyce Echaquan, an Aboriginal woman, victim of systemic  racism, whose anniversary of her death was marked on September 28,2020. In memory of all these women, our girls and in support of women living  in situations of violence, we remind them that they have the support of their community and that many of us are declaring:

Enough is Enough

Feminicide statistics:

Since 2018, the Canadian Feminicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability has documented 700 violent deaths of women and girls and at least 90% were killed by men. This number includes the 37 women and girls that were murdered during the first 2 months of  2022.  (Media sources JDM and le Soleil)

Since February 21, 2022, the specialists fear a new wave of feminicide in Dunham, Laval,  Montreal and La Salle.


 Social Action in Montreal 

On September 29, 2022 in Montreal and in other regions, as part of the 2022 Provincial Election campaign, The Autonomous Action Community Movement,  participated in a vast collective mobilization, the theme, Commit yourself to the Social Safety Net.

 Another topic was on the agenda which exists and persists a little more each year – POVERTY

What is it?  It’s taboo! 

Poverty is not having enough money to meet basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter, however, poverty is more, much more than the lack of money.  Poverty is being hungry. According to the  latest report from Statistics Canada, nearly 615,000 individuals or 21.3% of the Population of Montreal is poor.  It should be emphasized that our politicians must absolutely contribute to this project of social inclusion and human distress.  Your help will allow us to better manage and carry out our work with those who need it most and to develop awareness tools, leaflets, a guide, and carry out different actions such as salary increases. Our Center is putting into effect a collection of solidarity handbags that will be available to women having difficulty. We are mobilizing to act and to organize conferences and workshops on the themes addressed in this article.


Programming 2022

Twelve days of action against violence women.


Hosted by:  Celine Gobbout

Date:  Thursday, November 10 to Thursday December 8, 2022  (5 sessions)

Time:  10:00 a.m. to noon  (the sessions are free)

In summary, this workshop will aim to develop different strategies on the recovery of personal power and to learn how to deal with psychological attacks and many other topics.


Hosted by:  Cynthia-Ann Sardou

Date:  Tuesday, November, 29, 2022

Time:  1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (free session in French)

Summary:  Deliver a message of hope and regain confidence in life and in oneself.

How did Cynthia-Ann get there?

There are the questions that concern your family circle, your friendships and also a medical team that will be positive and relate to your values and new life. Being well surrounded will help you bounce back better and give you the means to succeed and rebuild your goals and especially rebuild your life.  Finally, have another look at the future. Remember, you are your own best friend.  Give yourself the chance to be better with yourself, setting up all your priorities, your wishes and your new life mission.  I will share small, concrete and simple examples with you. Sport, readings, other activities and positive affirmation will be on the agenda.

Domiziana Casale, Cynthia Ann-Sardou, Tania De Genova, Barbara Bologna, Souhir Saber, Pina Di Pasquale, Carolina Eleazarro


The iPad workshops given by Giovanna Fasciano, thanks to the funding from New Horizon’s Program, brought smiles to our elders and awakened their intellect, have been a great success.  We are proud of our elders.  Congratulations!

The Creative Writing workshops, the Center’s latest innovation workshops, given by Sonia Cancian were also a great success.  In the near future, the Centre will be holding an Exhibition Celebration with its members to acknowledge the fruit of their work.

Other Events

 We celebrated Barbara Bologna’s birthday, our administrative worker, on April 26, 2022

The 2022 volunteers of the Center also highlighted the remarkable involvement of its volunteer members.
Kindness of heart and generosity give life.  The volunteers at the center are passionate people who give on principle and believe in human values.  Every volunteer act, whatever the gesture, has an impact, makes a difference, and contributes to the development of the Center.
A big Thank You from the Team.

What has been going on for the past few months?

Also, as part of a project proposed by the SPVM our police officers along with our Intervention worker, Domiziana Casale, carried out door-to-door visits to the elderly.  The objective of these visits was to maintain the safety of the elderly living in the Ahuntsic neighborhood by ringing their doorbells and seeing if they needed help and/or if they were being mistreated.

The following is some information and statistics, followed by a testimony concerning FEMINICIDES.  The complete testimony can be read in the Metro-Resources Metro Media 2021-2022.

Irmline Fenelon’s life drastically changed on March 30, 2021, when she lost both parents in a family conflict.  The eldest of 5 children, a young resident of St. Leonard, now wants to turn the page by breaking the taboo around domestic violence. Irmline wishes to denounce the lack of administrative support for the families of victims.  Irmline claims to have gone through the hardest test of her life that day and she explains that she had to face many additional obstacles due to the lack of follow-up.  At the beginning it was very difficult to get help because we were in total shock, recalls the 27-year-old young woman.

Keep in mind that Nadege Jolicoeur, Irmline’s mother, is one of the 26 victims of feminicides in Quebec during 2021 and the beginning of 2022. This is the highest number of feminicides in the province since 2008.

Other events for the month of June 2022

Planned excursions – June 30th – Blue Lavender

An outing for a guided tour and picnic on site.

On June 15, 2022 –  our elders will be honored for the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

The Minister of Elders, Kamal Khera, was in Winnipeg on May 16, 2022, to announce new funding (61 million dollars) for the New Horizon for Seniors Program.

Every year, on June 15, the world comes together to mark the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

If this day exists, it is with the aim of raising public awareness of this problem and encourages people to adopt well-treating behavior.  We saw and often seen the elderly victims of mistreatment and suffer various abuses.  People can no longer bear this behavior and are denouncing it more and more.  The positive point in this story is that this pandemic also allowed

the public to open their eyes to the mistreatment of elders.  Our governments are taking this phenomenon of society into account that has become unacceptable.

According to the alarming WHO report, 1 in 6 elderly people suffer from some form of abuse.  One in two practice ageism (prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age).  Ageism is more prevalent than discrimination and sexism.  As the elderly population grows, abuse will affect more and more people. The number of victims will increase from 140 million today to more than 320 million in 2050. 

June 4, 2022 – Me. Margherita Morsella, promises a project for women, an ambitious project to be followed with the newspaper ‘Le Monde.’

Me Margherita Morsella shines the spotlight on all women, especially all the immigrant women who have sacrificed to a great extent in the textile industry.

Why, we ask?

Me Margherita Morsella would like us to erect a monument in their honor. These “Women of Steel,” as she calls them, will not fall into oblivion.

Me Margherita Morsella, an influential woman, arrived on June 3, 1965.  She lived on Clark Street in Little Italy and recalls it like it was yesterday


.Today, now a lawyer, Me Morsella’s social and community involvement with vulnerable women began long before she entered the legal profession.  During her university studies in history and politics, she was already involved in the Italian community and various cultural and social groups.  With several other women, she founded the Centre des Femmes Italiennes de Montréal; now called Centre des Femmes Solidaires et Engagées.

She is still astonishing us and implementing projects for the status of women.


Situation – Migration in connection with the war in Ukraine

The government of Quebec, clarified the State of the situation the reception measures and this as soon as they arrive at the airport of Montreal.
  •  Temporary accommodation
  • Assistance in finding permanent accommodation and support for settling in
  • Financial assistance of last resort
  • Pre-school education and primary and secondary education
  • Complete coverage of the Quebec health insurance plan which gives access to the services offered by the health and social services network.
  • The tax credit for childcare expenses
  • Employment measures and services
  • French lessons
  • Integration services

For more information on the AVUCU set up by the federal government, visit the following web page:

In order to channel expressions of solidarity and requests for information, the Ministry has posted a web page with links to the appropriate resources:

A hotline has also been set up to answer questions about people affected by the situation in Ukraine, people can call at the following numbers:

The current local dimension regarding international migration movements, due to the war in Ukraine are making great strides. Since March 24, 2022, Montreal has been mobilizing and has just opened its doors to welcome asylum seekers and migrants fleeing the persecution of war.

The Ministry of Immigration will set up a reception and information kiosk for temporary accommodation, and support these people in their language.

The Government of Quebec is also working to define a basket of services, which would be offered to Ukrainian nationals who arrive with an AVUCU, with or without a work permit. In addition to services offered by designated partner organizations, these individuals may be eligible for the following services:
  • Montréal Area: 514 789-1866

  • Elsewhere in Quebec (free of charge) : 1 833 556-1866

  • Elsewhere in Quebec (free of charge) : + 15147891866

Finally, we remain at your entire disposal for moral and psychological support in all circumstances.

MARCH 8TH 2022

was marked by an intense day at the Women’s Center, where we celebrated International Women’s Rights Day together.

This year again, the fight is all the more feminist in the future in Quebec, as in the world in the themes of abundance and also to break certain prejudices to free us from stereotypes and discrimination. This is also the theme this year of the United Nations which is based on gender equality for a sustainable future.

Regarding the status of women, the general theme is to recognize the economic and social power of women. For Canada, the theme is: Inspiration in the Feminine. Finally, for the Quebec collective on March 8, is the Feminist Future.

Indeed, many themes exist and have been discussed in the world, with the sole objective of celebrating our achievements and fighting for a better future.

A most singular CONFERENCE was presented by Me Marguerita Morsella, (Family Lawyer at the Bar of Montreal), wondered: And if women guided the world? The world would be less at war, in our lives…. Due to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the disease that currently mark our existence.

Another crucial question addressed, Is the future or will it be feminist? Me Marguerita Morsella, answers it with difficulty this time, in particular, on the possible consequences to come, but affirms that YES, the future will have to be.

It is also true, according to her, that the more women there are present in the instances of power, the better our world will be in avoiding certain catastrophes. Women are a real driver of future changes. They give life.

Optimism has taken a hit during the pandemic and the war in Ukraine does not encourage our expectations.

However, it is during the worst moments in history that ideals come alive, that resilience, perseverance and the struggle of women will triumph in a feminist future.

During the month of December 2021, Quebec ended the year with certain difficulties linked to covid 19 (an unexpected increase in covid cases in the last fortnight of December) and by the events of the 12 days of action, major events, to raise awareness and denounce feminicides in Quebec, without forgetting the other commemorations of December 6, 2021.

Miraculously, since the start of 2022, a breath of hope has been creeping in and looming on the horizon in Canada, in terms of the pandemic, (since the whole country has begun its deconfinement, with an action plan government still on the rise in this month of March). As for this exceptional international day, where Women’s Day has been celebrated every March 8 since 1977.

A unique opportunity to once again focus on women, on their rights, their freedoms, their struggles, their fights and their optimism, and resolutions in a more feminist future (According to the poster of this international day of March 8). As a reminder, within the CFSE there have also been many changes, including a change of team.

We come to inform you of the arrival of Cynthia-Ann and Souhir since the beginning of March 2022. Souhir Saber is Project Agent and Cynthia-Ann Sardou will now be in the Communications and Development Department of the Center des Femmes Solidaires et Engagées. We welcome them!

We warmly thank Mariam and Marion for having contributed with our team for several months, in 2021,

One for communications and the other for interventions with women. We wish them good luck for the rest of the events to come.