Fall Program 2019

July 1st - July 31st 2022

Centre closed for summer vacation

June 30th 2022

Trip to Blue Lavender in Magog

June 23rd 2022

Annual General Assembly for its members.

June 15th 2022

World elder abuse Awareness Day
The abuse of the elderly is a serious issue and something that this day aims to raise much needed awareness of.
An informational session on this issue will be given by Me Margherita Morsella.

June 4th 2022

Project on ‘Women of Steel’ with Me. Margherita Morsella.

June 2nd 2022

Informational session on ‘Board Roles and Responsibilities’
Understanding the roles and responsibility of being a board member.

May 24th 2022

Conference on toxic products. (This informative lecture will also tell you how to make healthy products at home!)

April 6th 2022

Women’s Disease Conference. (Menopause, Osteoporosis, and all other pathologies and diseases that concern women).

March 22nd 2022

A bereavement conference takes place in Italian. (Presentation and discussion around ways to generate grief or loss).

March 14th 2022

The first session of the writing workshop will take place in French, with Sonia Cancian, author of several books.