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Pina's Birthday

On February 15th 2022 we celebrated the birthday of Pina Di Pasquale, Executive director of the Centre.
Over 21 years of strong commitment to the CFSE, Pina has demonstrated loyalty, compassion, respect, integrity, professionalism, and continues with great enthusiasm to honour the mission of the Centre.
Happy Birthday, Pina!!

Barbara's Birthday

On April 26th 2022 we celebrated the birthday of Barbara Bologna’s, Intervention worker at the reception area.
Over 2 years and half to the CFSE.



Dr. Sonia Cancian (Ph.D., Concordia University) gives women a voice through letter writing workshops offered at the Centre in French, English and Italian.
The aim of these workshops is to encourage expression through writing in a serene and friendly atmosphere through methodologies that include self-expression and self-writing. Throughout the letter writing workshops, we discuss women’s life experiences, difficulties, joys, challenges, tenacity, and resilience. Whether writing about a current event or an event in the past, this workshop has a therapeutic dimension that draws on affects and emotions. 

Femicide December 6, 2021

As each year, December 6 has been marked with a tragic and as a drama since 1989, and a call to action and commemoration, on a very bitter event in Montreal.
This mass shooting remains the deadliest in schools in Canada.
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Conference on bereavement with Therapist Michel Trozzo.

“Life is born of encounters, and life is the first celebration and suffering that everyone carries within themselves”.
“Everything that begins must end, will end. Death is a final and irreversible suffering. When death arrives, our life is essentially sensitive, and the therapist Michel Trozzo, explains to us how to live his journey with mourning and what the effects will produce emotionally in our life.
We should live like we shouldn’t die because you’re not supposed to die.”