All our services are offered in English, French and Italian

Do you need to talk?

Your emotional and mental well-being are important, and we are here for you! We provide psychosocial interventions in complete confidentiality, with or without an appointment, in an intersectional feminist approach and are there to support you in your journey.
  • We offer a safe space where you can feel secure.
  • A welcoming environment that includes active listening, support, information, resources, and references in person or by phone.
  • We provide individual consultation with women in their process of “empowerment.”
  • Accompaniment for women experiencing or who have experienced intimate partner violence. You are not alone! We offer accompaniment to all relevant appointments and/or Court Hearings.

Documentation center

Brochures and flyers in French, English and Italian on various subjects are available.

Educational activities

Do you want to learn, improve your knowledge and be informed on subjects that concern you?
The Center is a place of discussion and networking for women to share their experiences and learn from each other. From our list below, Find an activity that you may enjoy and be EMPOWERED.
– Information sessions
– Personal growth workshops
– Support groups
– Skills exchange workshops
– Discussion groups
– Various courses
– Yoga classes
– English and French conversation courses
– IPAD courses
– Writing Groups
– Self-Defense class

Personal growth workshops

Support groups


IPAD courses

Conference: International Women's Day