Organizational Life

Contributing to the vitality of the Centre and getting together for the pleasure of each other’s company.

Is the Centre’s mission dear to you and you want to get involved? Without the support of our team of volunteers and without the contribution from our Board of Directors, the Centre could not meet its objectives.
When you become a member, you are supporting the Centre’s mission and you can take part in the democratic life of the Centre by way of:

  • Board of directors
  • Annual general assembly
  • Working committees
  • Special events and outings
  • Volunteering

Becoming a member

The membership card has an annual cost of 10.00$.
Membership cards are issued each year and must be renewed on March 31st, the end of our fiscal year.

Being a member means:

  • Benefiting from a reduced cost for certain activities;
  • Having the right to vote during the annual general assembly;
  • Submitting your candidacy for the Board of Directors;
  • Receiving our activity program by mail;
  • Borrowing books from the library;
  • Being able to volunteer.

Next activities

The team members and members of the Board of Directors 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.